It's like yoga for my mind!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend and hopefully had some good, quality family time! Last week was really strange. I have definitely noticed more calls for closings during the month (and not just at month end) so that means Lenders are getting busier with the lower rate boom we had a couple of weeks ago. Just as predicted! That's GREAT news! What I've also noticed is the Lenders seem to be understaffed because I haven't seen so many last minute cancellations or receipt of docs since I started my mobile notary business 2 and a half years ago. I had 4 cancellations last week alone. 4 our of 12 appointments! I haven't had that many in a year. I also had 2 sets of docs arrive at

A Brief History Lesson

Last year, I did a presentation at the Coppell Senior Center on the history of Notaries Public. When I started researching the topic I didn't realize how many interesting things I'd find. Did you know that "Scribes" were the earliest known chroniclers of official communications in recorded history? A Roman slave named Tiro was the first known "notae" for writing down the speeches of Cicero. Notaries accompanied Christopher Columbus on all of his voyages to account for his discovered treasures on behalf of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. In fact, Rodrigo de Escobedo was the Notary Public who witnessed when Columbus discovered the new world. Thomas Fugill was the first official

Mobile notaries! Need some encouragement....??

I saw THE BEST news last week! Refinance applications were up 39% for the highest level since January, 2016 due to the biggest one-week rate drop in a decade. That's a 58% increase in volume from a year ago*. That's a LOT more business for mobile notaries!! Mortgage rates fell for the 4th straight week in a row last week, which is great news as we're marching in to the spring buying season in one of the BEST PLACES TO LIVE IN THE COUNTRY - N. TEXAS! Expect to see lots of purchase and refinance loans to close in the coming months. Remember, if you need individual mentoring or a marketing plan to capture all this business, give me a shout! I have 3 different modules so we can curate an in

A Notary Coach walks into a bar....

Good morning and Happy April Fool's Day. I promise no tricks today....just a quick update on a fun notary meet up yesterday. Normally, I'd say "NO" to a networking event on a Sunday. That's my rest and recharge day (i.e. my one lazy day a week) and I cherish it! But yesterday was different. Bill Soroka, The Notary Coach from Phoenix, AZ was in town and had coordinated a DFW area meet-up at the Omni. I've observed Bill's career from afar and have always admired his approach to business because we both strongly agree: A successful business is all about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS!! There was a great group of people who met at the Omni, and I was shocked to meet Notary Signing Agents from Arkan


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