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Is nervousness normal?

It's January so that means all small business owners, like myself are super motivated to market our services. We're rested from the holidays and ready to get out there and network. I keep hearing that blogging is also a great way to introduce yourself to your customers and community, so I thought I'd give it a go!

I've noticed a HUGE amount of networking events scheduled for this month and I'm trying to make it to as many as possible, but I'm curious....does anyone else get nervous before a networking function? I know we're all there for the same reason - to promote our business, but I get so anxious before walking in to a room where I may not know a soul. Does this go away over time?

Truthfully, I've enjoyed every single event I've attended and I've met some very cool people. I always walk away thinking, "that was so great. What was I nervous about?" Yet, that nervous feeling still creeps up on me before each event.

I have 4 different networking functions this week, so hopefully by Friday I'll be an expert, right? I'll let you know next week....

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