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Life gets in the way....

I never got around to the networking events I wrote about in my last post. Sometimes life gets in the way, and it sure did last week.

My 13-year-old dog, Jax crossed the rainbow bridge on Wednesday. Losing a pet is awful, but having to make the decision to put them to sleep is the worst. I’ve never had to do that before and I hope to never have to again. I know it was for the best and it relieved him of his pain, but it still broke my heart. I don’t think I have any tears left to cry for a good year or so!

Life marches forward....and to keep my 2019 goals in tact I’ll be attending a few networking sessions this week. I’m sure I’ll be nervous walking in, and hopefully will walk out thinking how great it was like I usually do. I read an article in Forbes magazine about calming your networking nerves. Here was the advice they gave:

”Practice breathing techniques in advance. When we’re nervous, we tend to take shallow breaths, which only leads to more anxiety. Choose small and manageable goals beforehand as well (example: I must talk to at least 3 new people, and then I can go home). It’s OK to be a little nervous. It just means you’re excited. Acknowledge your feelings and recognize them as a form of ‘nervous excitement,’ then focus on the people around you.”

I’ll be putting these ideas into practice this week!

Happy MLK Day, everyone!

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