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Being Successful Means Being the Best, Right?

Managing a business is an exercise in self-discipline. I’ve never been the best at that. I find that some days I do the bare minimum so I’m meeting my goal, but not exceeding it. I’m not going above and beyond. Right now the nation is preparing for Super Bowl LIII. A contest of strength and will against the best athletes in the country. It’s a showcase of awesome-ness and definitely a testament to self-discipline.

Just like in sports, we all know that the most successful businesses stand out by being the best, right? Is it possible to always extend your best effort and self? Can someone actually always be the best of the best?

The simplest answer is no. We’re human. We have good days and bad days. You’ve heard the phrase, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Well being the best in business can also be subjective. There are a lot of people who do what I do. Some do it better, some don’t. The key is evolving. Being open to change and new ideas.

Being the best Best is different for everyone. I define it by constantly learning and growing.

My first blog post was about being scared to walk in to a networking event. Even though I know that’s the best possible way for me to make connections in my area. Even though I know people do business with people they like and the best way to facilitate those relationships is in person. For the record, I did walk in to last week’s networking event nervous. It was a HUGE crowd of people and I knew no one. I walked out feeling like the connections I made were well worth the hour I spent.

Was I the best networker there? Definitely not, but I am learning with each new event and in my book, as long as I’m constantly learning I’ll be growing my business!

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