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A Notary Coach walks into a bar....

Good morning and Happy April Fool's Day. I promise no tricks today....just a quick update on a fun notary meet up yesterday.

Normally, I'd say "NO" to a networking event on a Sunday. That's my rest and recharge day (i.e. my one lazy day a week) and I cherish it! But yesterday was different. Bill Soroka, The Notary Coach from Phoenix, AZ was in town and had coordinated a DFW area meet-up at the Omni. I've observed Bill's career from afar and have always admired his approach to business because we both strongly agree: A successful business is all about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS!!

There was a great group of people who met at the Omni, and I was shocked to meet Notary Signing Agents from Arkansas and Oklahoma, too. We had a great time getting to know each other and swapping ideas.

I learned so much yesterday, but the biggest take away for me was how unbelievably motivating it is to sit and talk to people willing to share their experiences. There are a lot of people in this business who feel it's necessary to hold tight to their "secrets of success" for fear someone will "steal their clients." Not one person felt that way yesterday and being confident in your skills allows the ideas to flow freely.

Yesterday was a great re-charging experience. Thank you, Bill for everything you're doing on a national scale for our business. You are appreciated!

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